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  1. In the United States.

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For the British record label, see Stateside Records.
Stateside is a slang term for the United States, usually spoken from the perspective of an American currently outside the country.
The term originated as slang in the World War II era, meaning "to, toward or in the United States", usually spoken by a soldier or other U.S. citizen who at that moment was outside the country. If a serviceman was looking forward to a leave allowing him to visit home, he might say with enthusiasm: "I'll be going stateside next month!". After the war, Alaskans picked up on the usage to mean the 48 contiguous states, so that an Alaskan "going stateside" meant one who was traveling south to those states.

Other uses

  • "Stateside" — song released in 1991.
  • Stateside — a 2004 film starring Rachel Leigh Cook.
  • Stateside — A popular skate-manufacturing company in the UK.
  • Stateside — An American Sportswear company in the UK.
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